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Undecitina 20, 1000 PC

Our heroes awake the next day after their night of pleasant dreams wondering what course of action to take next.  Several issues can be resolved by returning to Troll's Bridge to take on Hardun and Imhiakaam as Tangleton seems to be relatively safe at the moment.

Oliveryn finally remembers some of his mythology lessons and realizes that the tower must belong to Lyphnur Ghoti, an ancient associate of Lehnbor.  Realizing the wealth of knowledge that must exist there, he makes his way to the tower, eventually drawing the whole group over and discover that, in fact, Lyphnur Ghoti is in the tower.

After some introductions and explanations both by the group and the wizard, Lyphnur invites the heroes into the tower with an idea of how they may be able to enter Troll's Bridge, bypassing the shields around it.  After consulting one of his tomes, he states that some steelisin is just the thing.  Legeand explains that his armor and weapon are crafted of steelisin, which both amazes and pleases the wizard and give our heroes their way into the ravaged city.

As this discovery is made, Tangleton is suddenly overrun by orcs, the group being alerted when Keltuur bangs on the tower's door.  Nyza shadow walks the group to the flank of the advancing orcish army and battle ensues.

Our heroes finally rise after the festivities of the night before. Discussion turn to what to do next.

Legeand: So, what do we have left to accomplish?

Oliveryn: Many, many things.

Wintersky: Get rid of the Vampiric Mayor, for one.

Oliveryn: Hmph.

Sparta: Tangleton seems to be in pretty good shape, though I'm curious about the new owner of the tower.

Wintersky: Release the spirits within the dragon orbs for another.

Nyza: And Troll's Bridge is in the midst of some sort of devilish invasion.

Dale: Yes, don't forget about Imhiakaam.

Legeand: Alright, but right now whats more dire in need of fixing?

Sparta: And Ozi's gone missing.

Legeand: Ozi's always missing.

Wintersky: Destroy Rastoc.

Oliveryn turns away from the group for a moment.

Elenia: And the one who made him a vampire.

Wintersky: Calm the rioting in Troll's Bridge.

Sjach: Sounds like a lot of killing...Who are all these enemies?

Oliveryn: My grandfather.

Elenia: My father.

Wintersky: A demon.

Luanes: Pleasure devil.

Wintersky: My mistake

Nyza: A green and black dragon too.

Luanes nods, "Easy mistake."

Nyza: But me think we can put them on hold for a bit.

Wintersky: Right, Cedarcleaver.

Legeand: Too many.

Sparta: Unfortunately, the dragons have to wait.

Nyza nods at Sparta.

Wintersky: Drymorjoc.

Sparta pats his bow.

Sparta: Cedarcleaver will get his comeuppance soon enough.

Sjach: Evil dragons too?

Nyza: If we go to Troll's Bridge first, we can wipe out maybe half of these threats.

Wintersky: We are a fun group.

Luanes: But also half of the city in the process.

Eregard: I would like to have something to return to someday.

Oliveryn: Or not.

T'Krosh: Any problems we incur by using violence can, of course, be solved with more violence.

T'Krosh chuckles half-heartedly.

Luanes frowns.

Sparta: If we do nothing there won't be a Troll's Bridge to return to.

Oliveryn smirks.

Wintersky: Most of the people are folk just trying to get by.

Sparta thinks about poor Tun and Tuk.

Elenia: I was one of those before meeting you.

Sparta: Yes, I think Troll's Bridge is our next destination.

Wintersky: I agree.

Legeand: It is probably the best place to head, seeing as it is a center of a few problems.

Sparta: I'd like to visit the Smoking Pipe again and see that my friends are safe.

Oliveryn steps away.

Wintersky: Oli, you do not want to go to Troll's Bridge?

Oliveryn turns back around, "I would rather get on with the life I want; not return to the life I hate."

Eregard looks sideways at his master.

Oliveryn: I will only go back if my mother is in trouble. Maybe we should check and if she is alright, I am moving on.

Legeand: Considering their dire straits, one would assume she would be.

Oliveryn looks distracted.

Wintersky: Oli we can help there without you becoming a prisoner of politics.

Elenia: She can raise and maintain some very powerful wards.

Wintersky examine Oliveryn's aura and finds it in its usual chaotic state.

Luanes walks over to Oliveryn, "You have always been helpful to us."

Wintersky pull out the crystal ball to look in on Suzana.

Oliveryn looks at Luanes, "I struggle with right and wrong, good and evil. My upbringing has not helped."

Luanes: Well, then do what good you can with us.

Sparta: What's the best way to get there. Didn't Mask, uh Celesta say something about the city's defenses being in place to trap the devils inside?

Oliveryn: She has been very quiet since that night.

Wintersky gazes into the crystal, but the cloudy surface reveals nothing known to be in Troll's Bridge.

Legeand: So any thing at all, Wintersky?

Wintersky tries to see Lord Melage Random in Troll's Bridge.

Oliveryn absent mindedly watches a trout jump in the river flowing by.

Wintersky waves a hand, a look of intense concentration on her face.

Oliveryn: Oh, Celesta! Not goatee, FISH! Lyphnur "FISH."

Wintersky concentrates in vain as nothing within the walls of Troll's Bridge is revealed.

Sparta whispers to Dale, "I think Oli's losing it"

Legeand: And that is out of the norm for us?

Oliveryn: The wizard's portrait in the tower.

Wintersky tries to contact Celesta.

Sparta: You know the wizard in the tower?

Legeand: Talk like a sane man and drop the gibber-fish.

Oliveryn: His name is Lyphnur G-H-O-T-I.

Sparta: Well, why didn't you say so.

Sparta: This Lyphnur...what do you know about him? Is he a good man?

Oliveryn: If that tower was originally Lyphnur Ghoti's, then it is no wonder Gresham did not want to give it up or be able to harm it when evicted.

Oliveryn: He is a mythical associate of Lehnbor. I heard my Meziltarni friend talking about him.

Oliveryn: He is one of the original inhabitants of our world...arrived with Armee and Lehnbor and the others we now know as deities.

Sparta looks at the tower in amazement.

Legeand: So...he is powerful then?

Sparta: If that is Lyphnur's, how did Gresham ever get in there?

Wintersky finds she cannot contact Celesta either.

Oliveryn: He would be one rank in title below Lehnbor...far more powerful than Gresham.

Legeand: So that explains the powerful wards...But how does this help us?

Wintersky: So I have not been able to contact anyone. Both Suzana and Lord Melage Random cannot be located. Neither can Celesta.

Sparta: Great, and now he's our neighbor.

Nyza: Wow...What sort of person is he? Must be a step up from a lich anyway...\

Nyza: Try a kobold named Mexkir, Ms. Sky.

Wintersky tries to simply scry Troll's Bridge itself.

Nyza: He lives beneath the city, so perhaps there is less shielding.

Legeand: As in...The Caves?

Oliveryn: The knowledge that library has must be priceless.

Nyza: Right, Leggy.

Legeand: So the caves...You want to find the caves on the outside and go though the back way in?

Wintersky widens her view with the crystal ball and looks down from above the thumb-shaped city. A smoky dome covers it entirely.

Eregard: Use the river.

Dale: I thought the river was poisoned.

Legeand: Well, shy of the ship sinking if we get attacked...

Wintersky: There is a smokey dome covering the city. I can see nothing within. I will try your friend, Nyza.

Legeand: It was; last time I was there anyway, The public were sure of that.

Elenia: It is terrible. We would want some antitoxin before going that way.

Eregard looks abashed, "Forgot about that."

Nyza: Yeah!

Nyza: We are not going by any river!

Legeand: Why? You would probably evaporate any water you touch, Nyza.

Oliveryn begins walking towards the wizard's tower.

Wintersky: What? Can you not put yourself in a ball of force to keep the water out.

Nyza: Oli!

Nyza: Well...the tower is on the way south.

Legeand: Sky, before we go and follow him, scry that river. see what is outside that dome.

Sparta looks confused, unsure if he should follow Oliveryn.

T'Krosh: He does not seem in his right mind, does he?

Legeand: Not lately.

Sparta: Hardly ever.

Oliveryn continues toward the tower with more purpose.

Nyza: Me follow him before he gets too far. It is no good if he greets our new, even more powerful wizard without us.

Legeand: You go ahead, he is not on a horse, so we can catch up, I am sure.

Sparta: Just don't burn down the library, Nyza.

T'Krosh: It is a good thing she is flying or the whole forest would be on fire by now.

Wintersky attempts to see into the catacombs below Troll's Bridge, but the wards seem to form a sphere that penetrates the ground as well.

Wintersky: Can not see beneath Troll's Bridge either.

Legeand: What can you see on the edge of whatever ward that is?

Eregard follows after Oliveryn.

Dale: Miss 'Sky, how solid do you think the dome is? If you can't see through it, we probably can't magic our way through it either. Do you think we can just walk through it if we get close enough?

Wintersky: I did not see anything outside Troll's Bridge. It looks desolate, abandoned. There is no army there that I could detect.

Luanes looks concerned that there is no egress for Troll's Bridge.

Sjach shrugs his shoulders and heads cautiously towards the tower.

Wintersky: I do not think we can just walk through the dome. If we could, there would be some sort of activity on the outside or evidence of masses of people having fled.

Legeand: Hmm...So nothing then. Either their trapped or inside then.

Sparta: Hey, maybe that Lyphnur fellow has magic strong enough to penetrate the Troll's Bridge wards.

Elenia: That is a thought.

Wintersky: Perhaps, but we do not want to abolish them.

Dale: No, that would release the devils upon all of Almebezbik.

Oliveryn arrives at the tower and stops, facing the door.

Legeand: Is there a way to tell what is making the ward?

Wintersky tries one last scry-Lyphnur Ghoti.

Oliveryn thinks to himself, "I really do not like diplomacy, but for my friends it is worth it."

Oliveryn speaks to the tower in his mayoral voice, "Wizard of the Tower! If you be the legenadary Lyphnur Ghoti, it would be a great honor to make your acquaintance and introduce you to the burgomasters of the nearby hamlet of Tangleton."

Sparta: Nyza, I think that's our cue.

Wintersky sees nothing but the cloudy surface of the crystal ball until Oliveryn says the name "Lyphnur Ghoti," at which point she sees an ancient wizard appear in the office of the tower.

Nyza: Great wizard! These are dark times for our forest. Devils roam freely in the human city to the south; two powerful dragons vie for dominance of the softskins; and a bank of mind-flayers plot their attack.

Sparta hurries over to Oliveryn, trying not to get himself to disheveled on the way.

Lyphnur Ghoti winks at Wintersky through the crystal ball.

Nyza: Sparta and me, Nyza, extend our hands to you in friendship, that all peace-loving people may weather such times.

Wintersky: "Wizard Ghoti, I'm afraid your solitude is to be intruded upon," she thinks to the ball.

Lyphnur Ghoti smiles and waves dismissively, picks up his staff and wanders towards the front door.

Wintersky heads to the front door of the tower.

Shortly the door of the tower opens and a wizen old man in violet robes with silver trim hobbles out supporting himself on an eloborately carved staff.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Welcome, adventures...heroes one and all.

Dale follows Miss 'Sky towards the tower.

Lyphnur Ghoti smiles and continues down the stairs towards the gathering heroes.

SnowShadow lopes to Wintersky's side.

Lyphnur Ghoti glances at his tower and betrays a hint of surprise at its appearance within a massive ironwood tree.

Wintersky puts away the crystal ball.

Oliveryn: May I introduce myself, Oliveryn Chicdell-Witson, former mayor of Troll's Bridge and my companions...notably Sparta Longshanks and Nyza the Flame, founders of Tangleton, but not to exclude my other friends. They are certainly capable of introducing themselves.

Oliveryn bows.

Sparta: Hail, and welcome to Tangleton. I am Sparta.

Nyza: Hi! Do you catch what Nyza say before, or shall I repeat?

Eregard bows, "Eregard Artural, swashbuckler and noble of Troll's Bridge."

Lyphnur Ghoti: I am afraid I did not hear your statement before, my little elemental.

Dale catches onto Sparta's elbow and gives him a nudge.

Nyza: Oh...

Nyza looks disappointed.

Lyphnur Ghoti smiles, "Old ears, you know."

Nyza: Not really, no.

Lyphnur Ghoti: I am guessing many, many troubles, though.

Nyza: Anyway, we wish to offer our friendship. There are many dark beings in the Tanglewood lately; it is better for us all if we make friends and band together.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Friends? Fair enough, but are you the ones who left a rather large demon in my tower?

Sparta: Lord Ghoti, if I may be so bold, you are Lyphnur Ghoti aren't you?

Wintersky stands back letting the others speak, observing.

Lyphnur Ghoti: I am Lyphnur Ghoti, time traveler and archmage at your service.

Legeand: Was that not there when we got here?

Sparta: Pleased to meet you, and this is my friend and companion Dale of Rebelton.

Wintersky: Not exactly, Legeand.

Luanes: No, I believe Celesta saw it summoned and trapped it.

Sparta: Yes, the demon was there, but I'm sorry we had to leave him behind when we left.

Legeand: Well, if it was summoned, it was not by our actions, unless by mistake.

Nyza: We would dispatch him permanently, but he is a bit beyond our abilities for now, yes?

Sparta: Yes, and you see, we didn't quite know what to do with him and we were afraid of getting locked in yet again.

Wintersky smiles at the byplay going on.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Your towns, names and manner of speech are unusual to me. May I ask the date, please?

Oliveryn: Undecitina the 20th, 1000 PC, some believe the 12th Cycle of the Sphere of Lehnbor.

Sparta: Although, we are a little out of sorts ourself, having just returned from an excursion to the past.

Lyphnur Ghoti's eyes widen, "Goodness, gracious. Twelfth cycle!"

Lyphnur Ghoti looks back at his tower, "Amazing it still stands."

Lyphnur Ghoti: I guess the tree helps.

T'Krosh: The magic shield probably works wonders too.

Lyphnur Ghoti: It better! It stopped a Hellball a couple days ago, did it not.

Dale: How old is your tower?

Legeand scratches his stubble glad he is not one of the better speakers of the group.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Oh...a quarter of a million years old?

Dale: Oh my.

Sparta: That thing that fell from the sky? A Hellball?

Sparta: I wonder of Imhiakaam sent that then and not Gresham?

Lyphnur Ghoti: Is Imhiakaam a wizard?

Lyphnur Ghoti: Sounds baatezu.

Sparta: She is a devil who seeks the soul of one of our companions, if not all of us.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Ah, then Gresham is a wizard. Probably him.

Sparta: Gresham was a wizard some thousand years ago and is now the lich king of Genesee

Lyphnur Ghoti: A lich? Such a waste.

Sparta: He inhabited your tower for some time.

Sparta: It was quite a surprise to us to return and find him evicted.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Humans do not quite grasp magic well enough to avoid that.

Wintersky: What are you if you are not human?

Lyphnur Ghoti: We call ourselves Meziltarni.

Wintersky: Like King Mezildoth?

Lyphnur Ghoti: Could be. There is a Meziltarni nation on the Workbench, then?

Oliveryn: That would be Waldsee, to the east.

Sparta: Lord Ghoti, we would love to answer any questions we can, but we have a boon to ask.

Sparta: We have friends and neighbors trapped in Troll's Bridge, the city to the south.

Sparta: Do you know of a way for us to enter through the city's wards, without breaking them and releasing a plague of devils upon The Mirror?

Lyphnur Ghoti: Ah, good. Well, now tell me of your predicaments. I may be able to direct you to find a way through them.

Nyza: Right. We'd like to venture inside the sealed city and stop the threat there.

Lyphnur Ghoti: You said to the south?

Nyza: Did we? Well, it is, yes.

Lyphnur Ghoti concentrates and slowly turns towards the south.

Wintersky: Like, I think is the wrong term.

Nyza: You do not like to save countless people?

Dale smiles wanly at Miss 'Sky's humor.

Wintersky: I do not like fighting. I do it, but do not like it.

Sparta: You're terribly good at it for not liking it.

Lyphnur Ghoti: I have saved millions...which is generally considered countless, but I am very frail, so I must help you to find the way through guidance.

Wintersky: I protect those I can.

Lyphnur Ghoti stares into the distance frowning with concentration and then smiles.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Ah, I see. Come in, come in. I can point out just what you need.

Sparta smiles and follows Lyphnur inside.

Lyphnur Ghoti turns and starts back up the stairs into the tower.

Nyza bows and then enters, making sure to fly over any flammables.

T'Krosh: Out of curiousity, is the demon still upstairs?

Legeand: Follows inside quietly, "Is there anything other than directions you could help us with. I am sure some of us would like to talk to you more about the town and such."

Lyphnur Ghoti: All in time. Your friend who put up that ward is the expert at multi-tasking. I never liked to push that hard.

Luanes nervously re-enters the tower.

Sjach curiously enters the tower.

Oliveryn and Eregard follow the group into the tower.

Wintersky enters the tower with SnowShadow and Elenia.

Lyphnur Ghoti turns to T'Krosh, "Yes, the demon is well bound. Just ignore his jabbering when we go by."

Wintersky: That is good, a stong breeze looks to blow you over.

Lyphnur Ghoti: I usually let it carry me.

Lyphnur Ghoti leads the way through a secret door that leads to a ramp leading around the outside wall, "This way will avoid the demon."

Nyza: Impressive...This tower has everything.

Nyza: Do you build it yourself?

The group enters the level with the golden statue of the black dragon through another secret door.

Nyza glares at the statue.

Wintersky says a little prayer for Yentis.

Lyphnur Ghoti: I had this built for me when I arrived here. It is my design though.

Nyza: Maybe we ask you about construction advice later, after the trouble with the devils is over?

Lyphnur Ghoti: Prudent, yes.

Nyza: Sparta, we should even bring one of the dwarf craftsmen with us next time.

Lyphnur Ghoti walks over to a shelf and levitates a tome, opening it in front of himself.

Sparta: That's a good idea. With your leave, of course, Lord Ghoti.

Dale studies the stonework, wondering if she could recreate it with a spell.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Lord? Heaven's no. Feel free to visit with your dwarven friends. They will appreciate this place.

Wintersky: Have you met Aifos in your travels Wizard Ghoti?

Lyphnur Ghoti turns to Wintersky, "Why, yes. I have met him many times. In fact, he is the fellow who erected that magnificent ward around your...Troll's Bridge."

Wintersky: And dragon orbs? You know of them?

Lyphnur Ghoti raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.

Lyphnur Ghoti points to a passage in the book floating before him, "This is what you need to pass back and forth through the ward."

Lyphnur Ghoti: Have you folk a bit of steelisin?

Legeand: Hmm.

Legeand: I do.

Legeand: But, I wear it.

Lyphnur Ghoti turns to Legeand, "A whole suit of armor made from it, with the mithral formula? Amazing!"

Wintersky: Perhap later, you would be so inclined to discuss with me?

Legeand: I am not sure of my sword, but it acts like other metals for a time as well, only cold iron, alchemical silver or adamantine.

Lyphnur Ghoti shifts his gaze to Wintersky with a frown, "In a bit."

Lyphnur Ghoti turning back to Legend, "And a sword, well those gnomes did discover something useful."

T'Krosh: Can we not get past the ward without some of this metal?

Wintersky: "Do not plan on dying before you get around to it, because that will not let you off the hook," she says with a laugh.

Legeand: Sword...bow, actually.

Lyphnur Ghoti smiles widely.

Lyphnur Ghoti: You have your way in. Following this shiny fellow through, should give you a good ten minutes.

Dale: I wonder if Aifos left that as a key, knowing you wear that shiny suit of armor everywhere you go?

Legeand: Great, so me first and you guys follow...Like the old days...

Legeand: Hmm.

Sparta: I'll be right behind you.

Wintersky: Will it let us out again?

Legeand: Will my armor remain on my skin is a better question.

Lyphnur Ghoti: And you said something about devils, so bring lots of silver with you too.

Wintersky: Why can they not just stay home? Why do they want to take road trips?

Lyphnur Ghoti: That much steelisin might make a permanent doorway, but it is will not expend it.

Legeand: Ah, good.

Lyphnur Ghoti: So, now let us discuss dragons.

Lyphnur Ghoti: I could smell there must be a really big green one about.

Wintersky: Two big ones are causing us grief.

Wintersky: Cedarcleaver and Drymorjoc.

Lyphnur Ghoti: I'll guess Cedarcleaver is the green one...and Drymorjoc would

Wintersky: Yes.

Lyphnur Ghoti: And the Orbs for those two types of dragons are still in the area?

Nyza: We found the green orb. Aifos disposed of it.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Disposed of it? I think not.

Wintersky: Hid it.

Nyza: That.

Lyphnur Ghoti: That sounds more like it.

Oliveryn hmphs.

Wintersky: The Dragon Orbs must not be used. They are a terrible twisting of spirit. I must free the spirits within and destroy the Orbs afterwards.

Lyphnur Ghoti: Ah. You are the one Aifos spoke of.

Lyphnur Ghoti: You contacted the green.

Sjach perks up.

Wintersky: I did. It was most distressing. I vowed I would end this tragedy. It pains me and rends me from my duties.

Nyza: Please be at peace, Wintersky. You do what you can. Do not push yourself too hard.

Lyphnur Ghoti: OK, there is a charm you will need to make, but it will take some time and resources you may not have found yet.

Wintersky: You believe that you know a way?!

Lyphnur Ghoti: I have but a piece of the puzzle.

Wintersky: Can you explain?

Lyphnur Ghoti: I will, but you need to find Aifos. Then I will be able to.

T'Krosh: Would he still be in Troll's Bridge?

Nyza: Wintersky, maybe you can contact him with the crystal ball? Or not, if he is in the city.

Dale: Maybe you'll be able to reach him once Legeand opens the door.

Wintersky: I can see it now...I find Aifos, "Come, Aifos, let us go find Wizard Ghoti"...Then we play just missed him throughout time. Hmmpf.

Lyphnur Ghoti smirks.

Sparta: In the meantime, ol' Cedarcleaver and Drymorjoc are playing us like pawns, each against the other.

Nyza: Nyza is pretty sure we hate both of them, so there is not much to play off against.

Sparta: Let's get this show on the road, I need to collect Ringo.

Wintersky: But that does not solve the problem of two large dragons harassing us or our homes and loved ones.

Sparta: No, but we can't solve all The Mirror's problems at once.

Sparta: Let's free Troll's Bridge from the devils and maybe find Aifos in the process.

Nyza: Huzzah!

T'Krosh: TO WAR!

Sparta: Then we can set about freeing your dragon spirits.

Sparta: And, maybe that will help us find a way to deal with our neighbors.

Nyza: Nyza take us to the outskirts of the city in a hurry, when we are ready. We should prepare for devil-fighting, yes?

Nyza: So that may take some time.

Dale: Can you carry us all? Otherwise, I can help as well.

Nyza: Me can manage everyone at once.

Dale looks impressed and a little envious.

Lyphnur Ghoti cocks his head as if listening, "I think we have visitors."

Sparta tries to hear what Lyphnur heard.

Wintersky: I hope it is not trouble.

Wintersky: Someone pounding on the door?

Lyphnur Ghoti: I think it is urgent. Shall we have a look?

Wintersky: Yes.

Everyone follows the wizard down the spiral ramp to the first floor where the pounding on the door is quite evident.

The wizard opens the door and Keltuur the kobold bard rushes in.

Keltuur: We are under attack!

Keltuur: There are orcs everywhere!

Nyza: Keltuur? You came all the way from the Sha'Tek?

Sparta: Orcs?

Sparta's anger seethes in his voice.

Keltuur: I was visiting the mine. Just arriving in fact.

T'Krosh: Those filth! We will drive them out!

Wintersky scrys near the mine.

Legeand: Well, then I guess the dome can wait then.

Wintersky sees hordes of orcs swarming throughout the hamlet. They bare the symbol of the Black Talon.

Wintersky: Black Talon orcs?

Nyza grasps T'Krosh's hand. He winces, but does not seem hurt.

Nyza: Everyone take his hand. We get there fast.

Wintersky: There are hordes of them.

The halflings grab hold of T'krosh.

Wintersky grabs a hand and a fist full of fur.

Everyone finds a hand-hold.

Nyza: Thanks for the hospitality, Lyphnur. We come back soon!

Nyza: When everyone is in contact with Nyza, directly or indirectly, she forces open a gateway into the shadow realm.

Dale: Can you get us to Ferocious and Ringo.

In a brief shadowy blur, the group finds themselves at the junction of the roads that lead north to Rebelton, south to The Crater and east to Redemption.

The group finds themselves on the flank of a rushing army of orcs just to the south heading east.

This next couple weeks posting is an experiment to see how a mass battle might work.

Each character (probably good if cohorts are included) should post the actions they would take in the situation I describe in the first post below.  Be as brief or as explicit as you want or have time for and I will try and construct a narrative of the battle from the information supplied.  Please have your actions posted at least a few days before the next session, so I have time to compose something from them.  Make suggestions or highlight points you want me to include and let us see what happens.

At your levels you are not in a great deal of danger from orcs unless you let them mass grapple you (not a problem for Nyza and possibly not for Legeand).

After my post setting the scene, make your posts.