Dodecitina 9, 1000 PC

Post date: Aug 08, 2010 6:40:2 PM

GREAT ZENDA'S GHOST!  How many times have I heard that leap from Master Longshanks lips. For a ghostly halfling bard, she is amazingly powerful. I had no idea.

After risking life and limb to get to the market square, I was confronted by the ghost of Sparta's ancestor; not pleased with my appearance. It took quite a lot of convincing, but I finally got her to accept my presence, though she would not suffer Isildul to remain.

I found that an otherworldly music filled the Zuodeyja ancient core and folk had emerged from their hiding places. A few vendors with some stock had set up in the square. It was strange to see the normalcy of it all. Of course, it is not normal at all. Floating above the area is an ancient dulcimer, strummed upon by the invisible ghost of the halfling.

Apparently, Tun Arenson, the young master of the Smoking Pipe, had been talking to the ghost, telling her of the horrible state of things. She wished to help, but she could not leave the Smoking Pipe. Tun resolved to figure out how she might and discovered that if her dulcimer was carried out, she would be able to go wherever it was. The problem was it was too dangerous to leave the tavern, which up until this point had been protected due to its underground location.

Oddly enough, Ozimius made a visit in his due course of activities and mobilized his Sajenese followers to help Tun enter the square with the musical instrument. It took a bit of heroics on Ozimius, Miqulius and Tun's part, but they succeeded in releasing Zenda upon the square. Tun is still shaking and a little hard of hearing from the experience of the rampaging ghost driving the evil from the area. The Sajenese retreated in haste when they saw the effect.

Finding it increasingly uncomfortable to remain in the area, I quickly made my rounds of the protected area to visit the academies and temples.  The Cathedral is still closed, most likely due to Zenda's presence, which for now it a good thing. The Grotesque's power will not wane with this current tragedy, but letting the city recover before unleashing their ministrations is the only sane thing that can be done.