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Methyltina 25, 1000 PC

Our heroes, having hunted a suspected werewolf over several late summer nights, discover that a vampire has actually taken up residence within Redemption.  This vampire, the ancient patriarch of House Artural in Troll's Bridge Magnus Artural, has killed deputies and citizens in an effort to establish himself in the town to monitor Oliveryn's intrigues for his childe Hardun Chicdell, the Mayor of Troll's Bridge.

During our heroes latest hunting expedition, Magnus reveals himself and challenges them with an onslaught of summoned wolves and his recently created minions.  The wolves fall with little effort and even the vampire spawn prove to be less formidable than the master vampire anticipated.

With quick action and focused attacks, Magnus is forced to retreat to the security of his own coffin to regain is physical form.  Can our heroes find Magnus and his minions' coffins and destroy their bodies before they become an active and certainly vindictive threat again.

Over the next several nights, groups of deputies, squads of Aifos' army and parties of adventurers including our heroes begin to hunt down the rumored werewolf within Redemption. The first night a massive wolf is spotted retreating from a kill, but manages to escape to the frustration of the hunters. They are quite certain that the beast was injured, but are not able to track it when it mysteriously vanishes.

The next few nights are not plagued by attacks and there are no sightings of the wolf, but wolves can be heard outside the walls of the town. They do not enter, but are ever present and dangerous to those outside the walls at night.

The next night of patrols, several wolves try and enter the town, but are driven away. During this night, a deputy patrolling the graveyard is attacked and killed by some sort of zombie or ghoul that appears to have risen from the grave of the original victim of the attacks.

The following night reveals the graves of the slain family to have been excavated and one of the corpses has been staked. Rumors that a vampire and not a werewolf has been attacking the citizens of the town. This prompts all houses in the town to be shuttered. A strategic sweep of the town by the priests and monks of Zelmbring secures most dwelling, but does not reveal the location of the vampire.

Oliveryn waits to see if anyone asks about Eregard and who he is.

Ozimius nods to Eregard.

Nyza: A friend of yours, Oli?

Wintersky: Who is your new squeeze, Oli?

Legeand: Readies his equipment and loads some silver arrows into his quiver.

Ozimius chuckles loudly.

Oliveryn nods to Eregard has he enters and comes over.

Eregard: I am Eregard Artural of Troll's Bridge.

Oliveryn: He is a friend of mine from Troll's Bridge.

Nyza: Hello, Eregard Artural of Troll's Bridge!

Oliveryn: He will be helping out with our adventures here in town.

Eregard: I am pleased to meet the rest of Oliveryn's companions.

Sparta: Howdy, Eregard, I am Sparta of Rebelton.

Sparta: Always happy to have another sword on our side.

Oliveryn: Wintersky, you are my only squeeze.

Oliveryn smiles.

Ozimius chuckles again.

Sparta: Oi.

Wintersky: Hey, I like a man who can commit.

Eregard raises an eyebrow.

Wintersky: Commit what is the question.

Ozimius slaps Oliveryn on the back.

Ozimius: She has got you there, my friend!

Wintersky laughs.

Oliveryn shrugs, lost in the translation.

Sparta: Look at that, a speechless bard.

Legeand: If you settle for too many, you might be getting in trouble there.

It is evening on the day that Zelmbring's priests swept through town.

Sparta: Clean your plates boys and girls, it is going to be another long night.

Wintersky: Not hungry tonight.

Ozimius: I am ready when you are Sparta. As long as they leave my companions on the dresser.

Nyza: Nyza need to lose weight anyway.

Oliveryn: I wonder if it is a girl vampire. Maybe she is hot.

Sparta: That is right, Ozi, we still need to have a little chat with your friends

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: She can suck my blood a-n-y-t-i-m-e.

Oliveryn laughs.

Nyza: No Oli! Then you turn into mean undead.

Ozimius rolls his eyes.

Sparta grimaces.

Legeand: Well, make sure it is your neck she bites then, Bard.

Sparta: I will have to tell you about Grandpa someday,

Oliveryn: I hear being undead is not so bad. I could live forever and sing my songs.

Wintersky: Yeah, but you would smell bad.

Ozimius: Well, that could be good or bad, Oli.

Oliveryn: I would just need to rub myself in nice flowers; maybe keep them in my pockets.

Sparta snickers.

Nyza: You know, me could help you with that with a little more advanced spellpower.

Nyza grins.

Oliveryn ponders Nyza's offer too much.

Sparta: No necromancy around here.

Wintersky: Maybe some nice adventurers would have you pushing up flowers.

Sparta: Like the whole Clan Mantysons.

Wintersky: Spirits help us!

Oliveryn smiles.

Oliveryn: I think we are offending Wintersky.

Ozimius: Speaking of spirits, shall we get started on Sparta's hunt?

Sparta: Good idea, Ozi

Sparta: Well, have we made enough jokes, folks? There are people dying out there.

Sparta: Everybody ready?

Nyza: Agreed. Vampires make better kindling than singers.

Oliveryn: Dying is just the beginning of life, at least that is what I heard, but I am ready.

Wintersky: Shall we start at the grave yard?

Oliveryn: Sounds like some good logic. I agree.

Sparta: Miss 'Sky, do you have any power over the undead?

Legeand: Just remember to keep an eye out for anything popping out of the ground then.

Nyza: We are sure it is a vampire? Nyza thought she hear something about wolves.

Sparta: Maybe both.

Sparta: Wolves have been spotted, heard and tracked

Sparta: But, the locals think there is something undead about, maybe a vampire.

Legeand: Zombies and such.

Sparta: He might be controlling the wolves.

Oliveryn: This is true, I have heard vampires being able to control rats and things.

Sparta: Let us start at the graveyard, if nothings been disturbed we can try the gates.

Nyza gets up to leave.

Sparta follows Nyza.

Ozimius follows Nyza.

Oliveryn stands and heads towards the graveyard. Eregard in tow.

Wintersky follows.

Legeand takes the rear.

Nyza: Eregard, are you good in a fight? What do you do?

Eregard: I am a swashbuckler.

Sparta: I will meet you at the graveyard, I want to look for tracks before we trample it all down.

Sparta mounts Ringo and runs ahead to the graveyard.

Ozimius curses.

Wintersky whistles for Cinder.

Our heroes begins to make there way towards the graveyard, but as they pass Queen's Inn along the way, they see a pack of wolves approaching.

Ozimius grins at the wolves.

Ozimius: Look, they brought pets!

Magnus Artural: Good evening, hunters.

Oliveryn: And who are you?

Ozimius draws rapier and the Gift.

There is an armored figure on top of the tree house above the wolf pack.

Sparta: Nyza, might be a good time for a little fire.

Ozimius begins casually moving closer.

Nyza: In the center of town? Do you think anyone will mind?

Legeand: Readies his sword.

Magnus Artural: The vampire I am sure you are all looking for.

Ozimius: Look at the pretty puppies he brought. How nice of him.

Oliveryn: What is your name?

Sparta readies his bow.

Magnus Artural: Patriarch of the fine Troll's Bridgian house of Artural.

Eregard: What?

Wintersky nocks an arrow, but does not aim.

Sparta whispers to Nyza, "Just try to miss the houses."

Oliveryn looks at Eregard.

Oliveryn: Your father?

Sparta: Oli, what kind of friends are you keeping these days?

Eregard: Hell, no!

Nyza nods at Sparta and whispers, "After Oli is done talking. Maybe he scare the vampire away."

Oliveryn: I wish I knew.

Eregard: Magnus Artural?

Magnus Artural: One and the same.

Oliveryn: Eregard of House Artural is standing next to me.

Magnus Artural: I am aware of that bit of irony.

Oliveryn: What is your relation?

Eregard: Great, great, great...great...great grandfather?

Wintersky casts Detect Undead

Oliveryn: So, he is old enough to be dead anyway, right? So we can kill him?

Sparta groans, "Great."

Eregard: You can try.

Sparta: You are a long way from home, Magnus.

Wintersky: He is definately undead.

Sparta: What brings you to Redemption?

Oliveryn: Nyza, destroy his wolves.

Magnus Artural: I am only here to talk.

Wintersky looks around for any more undead.

Oliveryn: Wait! Talk?

Sparta: You have a funny way of talking, many innocents have died.

Magnus Artural: Yes, your grandfather suggested it.

Nyza raises her hand as if to cast a spell, but puts it back down after the interruption.

Magnus Artural: Hardun is his name?

Oliveryn: What does my grandfather have anything to do with this?

Oliveryn: Yes.

Magnus Artural: He...revived me, so to speak.

Sparta's eyes open wide in surprise.

Oliveryn: What does my grandfather ask of me.

Oliveryn gives a slight bow.

Magnus Artural: He thought I might be useful in his schemes to rule Troll's Bridge.

Wintersky pulls out an amulet and mounts Cinder.

Magnus Artural: You would not want to be ruining that for him, would you?

Oliveryn: What, his rule over Troll's Bridge?

Magnus Artural: Yes, that.

Oliveryn: Why would I ever want to stop him from ruling? He has created a more stable government in Troll's Bridge than the Council ever could

Wintersky lingers as this unnatural presence makes her skin crawl.

Magnus Artural laughs.

Sparta: Oli might not, but I might if he is raising the dead.

Magnus Artural: Do you think I do not know what is going on?

Wintersky suppresses a shudder.

Oliveryn: What? We are looking for someone that killed a guard?

Magnus Artural: In the short term.

Magnus Artural: I am talking about your long-term secret plans.

Nyza to Wintersky, "Are the wolves undead too?"

Oliveryn: What secret plan would you be talking about?

Wintersky: No, they are not.

Oliveryn: That I washing my clothes in rose secented soap.

Wintersky: Oli, you already smell like roses.

Nyza raises her new runestaff and casts a spell. A glowing hand appears next to herself.

Magnus Artural: You have to work on your skills, Prince Oliveryn.

Oliveryn: What skills? My inability to hide what I am doing from you?

Wintersky: Get to the point, I am getting twitchy.

Sparta: We Mantyson's have a thing about the dead. They belong in the grave.

Magnus Artural: Cedarcleaver, The White Blades,...Oz?

Wintersky: Agreed.

Oliveryn: And what plan is that?

Oliveryn: Give me detail because I have no clue what you are talking about?

Magnus Artural: Well, I cannot have you killing my childe to return Troll's Bridge to the Council of Houses.

Nyza: Oh? And you think you can stop the six of us?

Oliveryn: Oh, so it is not really about me doing any plans but saving your "son" from a Chicdell?

Oliveryn laughs.

Oliveryn: So, my grandfather still has you under his thumb. How sad.

Wintersky: Vampire spawn should be killed.

Wintersky: Oli, he thinks he is top dog.

Magnus Artural: Spawn are soldiers, which are often slain.

Magnus Artural: Very good, Teton.

Wintersky: I am not quite as dumb as I look.

Magnus Artural: I am just letting Hardun think he is in control. The blind fool.

Oliveryn: Well I guess the better question is are you going to tell him what you think you know?

Wintersky: And having an undead blood sucker like you in charge is a definate improvement.

Magnus Artural: I may have to apprise him of his grandson's treachery.

Oliveryn: Treachery, hardly.

Magnus Artural: Yes, you are right. It is all relative.

Wintersky: No, it is not.

Oliveryn: Why do we not agree to just part ways. It will end badly for you I believe.

Sparta: I am not sure I would agree to that.

Wintersky: Me neither.

Magnus Artural: Oh, you will have to deal with me at some point, but not this night.

Wintersky: He is like a blight that should be burned out.

The figure in plate armor dissolves into the evening mist.

Sparta: Damn!

The wolves move forward to attack.

Wintersky: Watch the wolves.

Sparta: Save your silver, these are probably normal wolves

Eregard moves forward and fires an arrow at the lead wolf, striking it.

Oliveryn: Sparta, how smart are these wolves?

Sparta: Under control of the vampire.

Sparta: They will follow his directions to the death.

Oliveryn: But generally, are they dumb in nature or are they smart.


Wintersky: Then we need to kill him.

Nyza: Or the wolves!

Sparta: As smart as any hunter in the woods.

Legeand: Or both!

Legeand moves up and swings this sword, but misses both attacks on the approaching wolf.

Wintersky: TalksMuch, can you see that fiend.

Other wolves advance and one charges Legeand, snapping at him ineffectively.

Another wolf charge Oliveryn and also misses.

A wolf races past Legeand to attack Ringo and Sparta.

Legeand strikes the wolf as it speeds by.

Oliveryn draws his rapier and attacks.

Oliveryn thrusts at the wolf and stabs it.

Nyza: As Nyza lobs a fireball, she yells, "Here boy, here boy! CATCH!"

Sparta: Well, that evens things up a bit.

Nyza's fireball incinerates four wolves.

Sparta casts Magic Fang on Ringo.

The wolf snaps at Sparta, but does not ruin the spell.

Sparta urges Ringo to attack the wolf next to them.

Ringo grabs the wolf by the throat and quickly dispatchs it.

Sparta: Good boy, Ringo

Wintersky: Good doggie!

Sparta: Very good, boy!

Ozimius moves up and stabs with his rapier and hits.

Ozimius grins.

Another wolf charges Oliveryn, but misses.

SnowShadow pounces the wolf in front of them.

SnowShadow's pounce shreds the wolf.

Wintersky arcs around the three wolves near her friends, Cinder attacking and Wintersky shooting point blank and then continues towards the tree.

Wintersky: done

Wolves move to attack Cinder, but are dodged or out maneuvered.

Eregard steps up and plunges his rapiers into the nearest wolf.

Legeands first attack cuts down one wolf and the second cuts into the next wolf.

Oliveryn raises his hands high into the air with his rapier and changes himself into a winged stone-looking creature.

Nyza: Nyza actually says "Fwoosh!" as she casts the spell.

Wintersky: That is a hot one.

The wolf bursts into ashes under the devastating gout of flame.

Sparta: Ringo attacks nearest wolf

Sparta shoots three arrows at a wolf attacking Cinder.

Sparta's arrows plunge into the wolf, but it keeps attacking.

Ozimius shifts and attacks.

SnowShadow pounces on the nearest wolf.

Cinder attacks the wolf in front of her.

Wintersky: Wintersky shoots point blank

Wintersky: Oh, you are a wiley one.

Wintersky's arrow also misses.

Eregard brings down a wolf with masterful thrusts from his rapiers.

Sparta: Nice work with those rapiers.

Legeand slices open the next wolf within his reach.

Legeand: Are you sure you are swashbuckler and not a chef?

Oliveryn attacks, but misses.

Nyza: Although a crowd of people are blocking her view, Nyza can still see wolf pieces flying about wildly in the air after those attacks.

Nyza fires magic missles at a wolf.

Sparta fires three arrows at the last wolf.

Sparta: Oh, Mister Magnus.

Ozimius looks around.

Sparta: We have killed all your pets.

Sparta: Now what are you going to do?

Oliveryn: I guess he is not that good looking enough, I will not let him bite me.

Ozimius advances.

Magnus Artural: That was mighty fine work, but now I have a real challenge for you.

Wintersky spot

Ozimius: Why not come out and play?

Ozimius spots nothing and waits.

Sparta yells, "Look out Miss 'Sky, they are behind you!

Sparta shoots three silver arrows at the spawn behind Wintersky.

Legeand attacks the next vampire spawn to approach.

Some of the damage is instantly healed from Legeand's hit.

Legeand: Well, that is not good.

Ozimius advances, grinning.

Oliveryn starts singing an inspiring song while playing his instrument.

Wintersky rides Cinder to a central location and casts Holy Storm.

On vampire spawn dissolves in the storm and the other is damaged.

The rain also burns Ozimius like acid.

Ozimius winces.

Ozimius looks at Wintersky in shock.

Nyza: Get away from me you CREEP!

Nyza's ghostly hand flies towards the vampire. She raises her runestaff and casts Chill Touch.

Wintersky: Ozi, what the hell are you doing being evil?

Wintersky: Sorry, I did not know.

Ozimius: I cannot help it! I am what I am!

Ozimius: It is OK. I do not exactly make it known.

Wintersky: Get out of the rain. It will stick around a while.

Ozimius nods and grins at Wintersky.

Wintersky blows her wet hair out of her eyes.

Legeand: Makes me glad I am not you then, Ozi, But we will still help you regardless of what you are!

Nyza: There is one on the other side of the treehouse.

Eregard fires a silver arrow, hitting the third spawn, and then moves to protect Nyza.

Nyza: Nyza try to scare it off, but me do not think it worked.

Sparta: Try your fire next time.

Wintersky: I think they are the scariest things around here.

Wintersky: And, they know it.

Ozimius: Yea, makes me a little jealous.

Ozimius chuckles.

Oliveryn: I am not scary?

Oliveryn frowns.

Wintersky: No, pretty boy.

Sparta: Sorry Oli, you are about the least scary thing out here.

Oliveryn: But, I have turned into a scary stone monster.

Ozimius: She got you again, Songbird!

Legeand: More like a lawn ornament.

Oliveryn: Maybe I should turn into a gnome.

The vampire spawn slams Legeand.

Sparta: Not while Nyza's near.

Ozimius tries unsuccessfully to stifle another grin.

Nyza: Bleh, are there not enough disgusting creatures here already.

Sparta fires three silver arrows.

Ozimius: I think they're kind of cute....

Sparta: I can't see my blue highlight

Legeand, pale from the draining effect of the vampire's attack, slices into it twice.

Ozimius runs to clear the rain, popping a potion on when he clears.

The third vampire slams Sparta.

Oliveryn continues to belt out his inspiring song.

Wintersky moves and fires a silver arrow from Blessed Black and the spawn dissolves in the rain of holy water.

Wintersky: Sparta, move into the rain.

Wintersky: You are not evil, are you.

Sparta: I do not think so.

Magnus Artural: Fly away my minions.

Nyza: Well, Nyza is not going into the rain. It is wet!

Ozimius: Do not go. We still have a few more dances left.

Wintersky: Wet is better than dead or undead.

Nyza: The spectral hand delivers another Chill Touch.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: Rain, rain come and stay and help Ozi melt away!

The spectral hand misses the vampire spawn.

Wintersky: Maybe he will have an epiphany.

Eregard unsucccessfully attacks the vampire spawn.

Sparta: Eregard, you had best get in the rain, too.

Ringo and Sparta back into the rain, then fires an arrow.

Oliveryn: Should I pick up the last one and fly him into the rain?

Legeand slices at the vampire spawn with minimal effect.

Ozimius runs to flank the vampire spawn.

Ozimius strikes.

The vampire's slam attack misses Eregard.

Oliveryn flies up and thrusts his rapier into the vampire to no effect.

Wintersky's silver arrow finish the last vampire as it dissolves into a gaseous cloud.

Magnus Artural: That as a mighty test. This Teton is quite dangerous to the undead.

Oliveryn: Well, what do you expect, she kills undead.

The armored figure appears, standing on the roof of Queen's Inn.

Ozimius: Why not come down and talk?

Magnus Artural: I will talk from up here, thank you.

Ozimius grins.

Oliveryn: Just burn him, Nyza.

Ozimius: Nyza can you get me up there?

Wintersky readies another arrow.

Nyza: He is standing on top of the inn.

Oliveryn: The inn can be rebuilt, lives cannot.

Nyza: No, me cannot make people fly yet.

Ozimius frowns.

Oliveryn: I could carry you, Ozi.

Ozimius perks up.

Ozimius: You can?

Oliveryn: I am a stone beasty with wings.

Sparta: Just let Nyza torch him.

Ozimius: Well, let us go, Oli! I want to fly!

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius waits for Oliveryn to fly him to the roof.

Sparta fires three silver arrows at Magnus.

The arrow that hits seems to pass right through him.

Magnus Artural: You really do not want to be fighting me.

Sparta: That may be, but I will not let you kill the fine folk of this town without a fight.

Nyza: Fine. Let us see if these missiles pass through you too.

Nyza's missiles have the desired effect.

Wintersky: You are evil, you vile creature. You prey on the living stealing there life and twisting their soul. Sun Dancer punish this vile beast!

Wintersky casts Ancestral Vengeance.

A swirling sheaf of light encases the vampire and explodes.

Legeand moves into a defensive position.

Wintersky: Your mere existance disgusts me.

Ozimius looks at Wintersky.

Ozimius: Me too?

Wintersky: Ozi, there is hope for you yet. You are a work in progress, he is a work in decay.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: Let me think about it there, Ozi.

Ozimius rolls his eyes at Legeand.

Oliveryn flies into the air carring Ozimius to the roof.

Ozimius laughs.

Ozimius: I can fly!

Ozimius: Thanks, Oli!

Ozimius advances but does not threaten.

Eregard races into Queen's Inn.

Magnus Artural: A target. How nice.

Magnus steps in and hits Ozimius with his longsword.

Ozimius: So much for chatting.

Sparta pours an oil of magic weapon over his remaining arrows.

Sparta: Maybe this will help.

Sparta fires an arrow at Magnus and hits..

Sparta: that's more like it

Nyza targets a fireball into the sky, hoping to catch only Magnus and not the inn in the blast.

The fireball goes off and the armored figure dissolves in the flames. Some smoke rolls off the roof, but no flames take.

Nyza: Hmm... Nyza get him already?

Sparta: I would not count on it.

Legeand: Well, how anti-climactic.

Ozimius: Neither would I.

Oliveryn: Can you feel any undead, Wintersky?

Wintersky casts Detect Undead.

Wintersky: He is still up there next to Ozi, but he has gone gaseous.

Ozimius goes defensive while trying to engage Magnus in conversation.

Ozimius steps back.

Ozimius: So Magnus, why not talk about this?

Oliveryn readies his action to attack Magnus when he goes back to solid form.

The insubstantial form of Magnus flows down the nearby chimney and disappears.

Oliveryn walks over to Ozimius.

Oliveryn: Do you need healing?

Wintersky moves trying to keep the vampire within her sensing range.

Ozimius: I guess I am not as good at talking as you, Oli.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Yea, I got a bit banged up.

Oliveryn taps Ozimius with the wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Ozimius: Thank you, Oli.

Oliveryn taps Ozimius again, seeing it did not fully heal him.

Sparta and Ringo follow Wintersky.

Ozimius looks refreshed.

Wintersky: I do not see him.

Ozimius: Maybe he went inside?

Eregard: How the hell did he get loose!?

Nyza discharges her remaining touch spells into the dirt. She then reabsorbs the spectral hand into her being.

Wintersky: Or, underneath.

Oliveryn takes hold of Ozimius and flies down to the group.

Ozimius: Hey Oli, I like flying!

Oliveryn: It looks like it.

Wintersky: I bet you do not like rain though.

Wintersky grins.

Ozimius laughs.

Ozimius: Not at all!

Nyza: Well, he went into the chimney. Shall we go inside and ask if a gas cloud just rented a room.

Oliveryn: Agreed.

Sparta: Or, ate the guests.

Wintersky: Maybe you should carry an umbrella.

Ozimius: I agree.

Ozimius grins at Wintersky.

Ozimius: I used to like to bathe too.

Wintersky: He has to get to his coffin right away.

Sparta: I wonder where he keeps it.

Magnus Artural