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Pentatina 23, 1000 PC

No sooner than rumors are spread and prying into the affairs of House Elán begins, it is discovered the House is celebrating the feast of its founder in conclave that leaves an opportunity to rescue not only Ozimius' Sajenese countrymen, but all the slaves owned by Methylpenta and her family.

Our heroes quickly come up with a plan to enter Elán Tower to rescue the slaves and hopefully draw out Methylpenta and her sorcerous family.  With Mask´s knowledge of the layout of the tower and Wintersky´s spirital scout TalksMuch and find the path spell, Luanes leads the non-Sajenese slaves to safety while the rest of our heroes make their way around the magical wards and traps to emerge on the top floor of the tower where a single sorceress stands as a sentry below the imprisoned Sajenese slaves.

The sorceress summons her family and begins to beat a hasty retreat, but Legeand and Sparta prevents her escape while Nyza and Wintersky dispel the slaves prison.  The slaves fall from high in the dome of the chamber and one appears to not have survived.  The sorceress had done her job and the sorcerers of Elán begin to enter the chamber through the seven portals surrounding it.  Spells begin to fly including fire, necromancy and charms.  Suddenly, Methlypenta herself steps from the central portal to see the carnage instigated by our heroes.  In her fury, she creates a circle of death that engulfs the room, inadvertently killing her own children, but also Sparta´s animal companion Ringo and Ozimius´ cohort Miqulius.

The backlash by our heroes is swift as Mask engulfs Methylpenta in a ball of fire making her collapse in a smoldering heap and the rest of the Elánites are killed or driven off.  T´Krosh and Nyza help drag Miqulius close enough to Wintersky for him to be revivified by the shaman, but Ringo appears to be lost.  In the heat of the moment, Nyza summon all the fire elementals she can to begin destroying the tower while Legeand and Ozimius destroy the portals.  Our heroes only just escape the tower as it collapses and implodes leaving a pile of rubble strewn across House Elán´s estate.

After of night of beginning rumors of mysterious mind controlling invaders in Troll's Bridge, Nessilsis urgently requests Ozimius' attention in the afternoon during a stop at Chicdell manor.

Ozimius motions to Miqulius to keep an eye out as he seeks out Nessilsis

Nessilsis is ushered into the room where most of our heroes are gathered.

Ozimius moves close to Nessilsis.

Ozimius: What is up?

Nessilsis: Elder, the rumors are spreading very well, but there is something else we have discovered about House Elan.

Ozimius: Tell me.

Sparta listens in on Ozimius' conversation.

Nessilsis: Tonight they are celebrating their founder's birth.

Ozimius nods.

Oliveryn sits back, taking in the conversation.

Nessilsis: Apparently, the whole family goes into conclave and lets the servants and slaves have a night off.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: The whole family you say? There might be an opportunity here.

Nyza waits to hear the plan.

Wintersky: Are there not slaves at House Elan?

Ozimius looks at Mask and motions to her to come closer.

Mask approaches.

Legeand: The slaves we want to free, yea.

Mask: This sounds interesting.

Ozimius: Mask, the Elan's are all gathered together. I know you do not think we can eliminate them, but this might be a good opportunity.

Wintersky: Once the slaves are freed what happens to them?

Ozimius: The slaves? I support them until they get on their own.

Luanes enters the room.

Luanes: Where are these slaves?

Legeand: I do not know, but Sparta offered them a home.

Wintersky: Where?

Ozimius: House Elan has the only remaining slaves.

Ozimius looks at Mask.

Ozimius: Your thoughts about eliminating Elan?

Nyza: At the new city Sparta and me are building. It is, er, not quite finished yet though.

Mask: I have heard of this conclave. It is nearly impossible to enter if one can even figure out where it is.

Sparta: But, they could help us build it.

Wintersky: Is any of it habitable?

Wintersky: Right now, I mean?

Ozimius: Nessilsis, any rumors where they will be?

Sparta: There are caves and we found an old building.

Legeand: Well, even if it is not, it is still a good place.

Nessilsis: No, just that they will not be in their tower.

Ozimius frowns.

Ozimius: Then we need to decide if we can use this situation. Anyone have any ideas?

Sparta: And there is plenty of room to make a home.

Luanes: We should free the slaves from the tower.

Legeand: Well, if they are not in the tower, they are not by the slaves.

Ozimius: That is the plan, Luanes. I have freed all but Elan's Sajenese slaves.

Sparta: Would the slaves know where they are going?

Mask: Not likely.

Wintersky: Of course, we should free them. I just do not want them to be the nearest monster chow.

Nyza: Also, our tunnels are quite far away in the north. Nyza usually teleport just to get there.

Nyza: So, a closer destination would be better.

Ozimius: Miqulius, any idea where the Saje slaves will be?

Sparta: Nyza maybe you could scry the conclave or I could track them.

Sparta: Have they left their tower yet?

Wintersky: I would not want to scry a powerful sorcerer.

Miqulius: Well, Methylpenta is aware of our desire to free them. I doubt they are free like the others.

Mask: Scrying the conclave has been attempted in the past. It usually results in insanity.

Ozimius: Do we have anyone familiar with the tower layout?

Mask: I am.

Nessilsis: I am as well.

Legeand: Well then, they might have guards guarding slaves if they know what we want; the guards might know.

Ozimius: Perhaps we can gain entry.

Wintersky: Do you think the slaves will be in chains?

Ozimius: I need to get the slaves out.

Mask: Probably some kind of magical restraints.

Ozimius: Can you handle it?

Mask: Possibly, depends on the kind of magic.

Nyza rummages through her pack and withdraws a wand.

Ozimius: Possibly?

Nyza: This should do the trick.

Ozimius: Not exactly the answer I was hoping for.

Ozimius: What about that old mage? Will he help?

Mask: Magic is never certain.

Wintersky: What is the wand, Nyza?

Ozimius: So. I am going to get the slaves out. Alone if I must. No matter the risk.

Nyza: Knock.

Wintersky: Might work.

Mask: That wand will handle arcane locks and regular locks alike.

Sparta: You have my sword, Ozi, but we need a plan first

Nyza: If it does not work, can you pick the locks, Ozi? With enough time maybe?

Ozimius: I think I can.

Ozimius: If not, I am sure someone I know can.

Ozimius grins.

Luanes: Are we going to just break in?

Sparta: I don't think they are going to invite us in to steal their slaves.

Ozimius: I am. You need not follow. But, I will not let them remain there.

Wintersky: Assuming there are locks and not just metal bands.

Legeand: The usual plan is to run in, break stuff and walk out?

Wintersky: Ozi, I believe all of us have indicated that we would help in this endeavor.

Luanes: I will help free the slaves and make sure they get out safely.

Ozimius nods.

Ozimius: I thank all of you for your support in this.

Nyza: Me do not share your fervor for the cause, but you are my friend, yes? We help each other.

Ozimius grins and nods to Nyza.

Sparta: So are we just freeing the slaves or will we attack the conclave too?

Wintersky: Do we need a diversion for the guards?

Ozimius: I would rather eliminate Elan to be frank. But the slaves must be freed.

Sparta: How many guards do they have?

Nessilsis: The Sajenese can occupy the guards, correct Elder?

Ozimius: Miqulius? Nessilsis? Have you heard their numbers?

Ozimius: Yes, my thoughts also, Nessilsis

Miqulius: We equal their numbers, I believe.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Send word to the others. Have them gather. And make it clear we are freeing the last of the slaves.

Mask: Some of the spells we prepare should be wards and dispels to get pass the traps that exist.

Ozimius: I know nothing of magic, Mask. That, I leave up to you.

Nyza: What repercussions will it have if we do this? Stealing slaves and killing guards must be a crime, so will Oli's House not be sanctioned if he is seen?

Legeand: They will get angry and do what we want them to do.

Ozimius: I will make it known I am responsible. All retaliation will fall on me.

Wintersky: And your family, friends and followers. Just to be clear.

Ozimius: They know the risk.

Mask: House Elan are the masters of cover-up. If an invasion of their tower occurs, the grounds will produce an illusion of normalcy and cover up the embarrassment.

Manitowoc: Ahem.

Ozimius: None of those who follow me do so from compulsion. They can help or not. It is their choice.

Nyza: Your sword is talking again.

Wintersky: You have a relevant comment?

Sparta: Grandpa?

Manitowoc: This feels almost like a trap to me.

Sparta: yeah, I was thinking the same thing

Sparta: But, how can we pass it up?

Mask: It is a possiblity, but this is the correct date for their annual conclave.

Sparta: What do they do in conclave?

Legeand: Maybe they have both setup.

Sparta: Would they pass it up for an opportunity to hurt, Ozi?

Ozimius: I agree it might be a trap. If I was in their place, I would do the same, but I am willing to take the risk.

Wintersky: Oh, kill meddling adventurers.

Mask: Summon devils, usually.

Sparta: Oh, great.

Ozimius chuckles.

Ozimius: Devils. A much maligned group.

Wintersky: Perhaps I should take Dismissal just in case.

Sparta: Or three.

Manitowoc: Well, before you go stomping in there I will ask you to do something first.

Legeand: What is it?

Legeand: Do you sense a disturbance in the force?

Sparta: Yes, Grandpa?

Manitowoc: You will all need to touch me at the same time, so I will be able to keep track of you and let be known where healing is needed.

Ozimius: Now?

Sparta takes Manty's heirloom out of its sheath.

Manitowoc: No, when we are ready to go.

Legeand: Hopefully not constantly; that would be a bit precarious.

Manitowoc: Just one touch should do it.

Wintersky: When did you figure that little trick out?

Manitowoc: Centuries ago.

Nyza: Sounds easy enough. But me touch the not-sharp part, if that is ok.

Wintersky: Oh, we just were not worthy of it before?

Legeand: Just grasp the hilt, Nyza.

Manitowoc snickers.

Sparta sheathes the knife again.

Manitowoc: It is dependent on my wielder's power and skill that unlocks things.

Manitowoc: Sparta is becoming quite powerful.

Sparta: What? I wasn't worthy?

Sparta: You have other tricks up your blade?

Manitowoc: Sorry, just part of the curse.

Sparta: We should talk more.

Manitowoc: I have used some of my abilities without you knowing it before.

Legeand: Information like that would have been useful.

Mask: Well, we should discuss tactics and the layout of the tower.

Sparta: Really? Like the day that devil tried to kill me?

Manitowoc: That was one time, yes.

Sparta: I wondered how I survived that. I felt like a goner fersure.

Sparta: But you're right, we should get back to the plan.

Ozimius: Well we know the Sajenese will distract the guards.

Sparta: Mask, you've been in the tower? Do you know where the slaves will be held?

Mask: As you have seen looking to the west from this manor, the tower has eight "wings."

Sparta looks out a window to the west.

Legeand: One per direction, huh?

Mask: Some floors are split into rooms, but the top floor is a huge open thaumatugy chamber.

Sparta: Like the sign of chaos.

Mask: Yes.

Nyza: Hopefully the slaves are all in one place.

Mask smiles.

Mask: The slaves and servants are scattered throughout.

Nyza: But the holiday?

Mask: The servants will probably be out and about the town. The slaves may be gathered together for their own celebration.

Wintersky: I could try Find the Path.

Legeand: Yes, let us celebrate our slavery. I can see it now.

Mask: Find the Path is worth a try, though it might be foiled by the tower's enchantments.

Sparta: Well, let's give them something to really celebrate.

Ozimius: I like that idea, Sparta.

Sparta smiles at Ozimius.

Sparta: Let's see if I got this down. We raid the tower, Ozi's friends distract the guards while we search out the remaining slaves and free them.

Sparta: Then what?

Ozimius: We get them out

Ozimius: Free.

Mask: We can go once it is dark and I can cast an Invisibility Sphere over us to get us at least to the gate.

Legeand: Or, we fight it out fireball-style right, Nyza?

Nyza: Yes. Slaves are not harmed by fire, right?

Nyza grins.

Luanes: Remember we are trying to keep Oliveryn's reputation intact as well.

Ozimius: Nyza, do not hurt them please.

Oliveryn: Yes, you are. But, at the same time, I can alter my appearance also for up to an hour or so.

Nyza: On that note, me and T'Krosh use disguises during the raid. We do not want kobolds getting any worse of a reputation in the city.

Legeand: Or, you could just put on a disguise.

Wintersky: TalksMuch, can you find the Sajanese slaves at tower Elan?

Mask: However, the rest of us are all known associates of you, Oli.

Legeand: Well, most of us.

Oliveryn: This is true.

Ozimius: Maybe I should go alone.

Sparta: Not a chance, Ozi.

Legeand: Well, Oli could say he is trying to uphold a proper right for life free and support the freeing of slavery.

Mask: I think I will just make us all invisible until we enter the place, then Elan's defenses will be activated.

Legeand: I'm more thinking of the aftermath of the battle on that one.

Mask: The anti-embarrassment ones as well as others, no doubt.

Oliveryn tries to remember if he knows what a mindflayer looks like.

TalksMuch nods and passes out of the manor towards Elan Tower.

Ozimius motions Nessilsis close.

Nessilsis approaches.

Ozimius (whispers in her ear): See to the guards. Leave none alive. Get rid of the bodies.

Nessilsis nods.

Nessilsis: What time should we plan our diversion, Elder?

Ozimius: An hour after sunset.

Nessilsis: Very well.

Sparta: We're not going to attack the conclave then?

Ozimius: And be careful.

Nessilsis: As always, Elder.

Ozimius grins and nods.

Wintersky: Let us take care of the slaves first. Another opportunity will present itself.

Mask: I think with what we are planning, the conclave will come to us.

Ozimius: I hope so.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand (sarcastically): We could always set off some explosions outside of their wards to make sure in that case.

Ozimius: Things are set. An hour after sunset we go in. All agreed?

Mask nods.

Sparta: Ready.

Legeand: Fine by me.

Luanes nods.

Sparta: When's dinner?

Ozimius grins.

Wintersky: I will be ready.

Legeand: Two hours after.

Sparta: That's supper, Legeand.

Wintersky: One hour before sunset eat fast.

Luanes: We have a three hours to prepare...and eat.

Luanes smiles.

Ozimius grins.

Legeand: Where does it all go, Sparta? You have legs under the ground with holes in them we do not know about?

Sparta pats his belly and smiles.

Ozimius: Dinner is on me, Sparta. At the Blood Cloth, if you like. All of you.

Legeand: Well, this will make a wonderful use of my new armor to say the least.

Nyza waves her hand to decline politely.

Ozimius: You are welcome there, Nyza. None will bar your path.

Nyza: Nyza is fasting, yes? Tavern food is too tempting!

Legeand: Fasting, your nothing but bones and scales.

Ozimius: The invitation stands any time you like then.

Nyza (jokingly): But me do not even fit into a size one-half.

TalksMuch returns and finds Wintersky after more than an hour.

TalksMuch looks disturbed and pale even for a spirit.

Wintersky: Are you all right?

TalksMuch: That is a vile place.

Wintersky: I believe it.

TalksMuch: Be certain to have wards up when entering.

Wintersky: What sort of wards?

TalksMuch: Several archways have necrotic effects.

Wintersky: Several archways have necrotic effects?

Sparta: What are you talking about Miss 'Sky?

TalksMuch: Yes, essence draining and disease.

Ozimius: Wintersky, is the open roof warded?

Wintersky: TalksMuch is back. He has scouted for us. I will tell you what he says.

Wintersky: Essence drain and disease.

Wintersky: Is the open roof warded, TalksMuch.

TalksMuch: the tower has a great dome at the top; not visible from the ground.

T'Krosh: Aside from dispels and reversing the drains, there is not much I will be able to do to help with that.

Sparta: I can remove disease.

Sparta: Once, anyway.

Wintersky: He says the tower is domed and not open.

Ozimius frowns.

Nyza: So, no flying in.

Wintersky: Did you find the slaves?

Ozimius: You read my thoughts, Nyza.

Nyza: Sorry, me do not mean to.

Ozimius grins.

TalksMuch: There is a group of slaves on the ground level.

Wintersky: There is a group of slaves on the ground level.

Ozimius: The Sajenese?

TalksMuch: The first level under ground houses a menagarie.

Wintersky: The first level under ground houses a menagarie.

Sparta: A menagarie? Of animals?

Wintersky: Where the enslaved Sajenese?

TalksMuch: The rest of the tower is unoccupied except by one woman in the top level and two humanoids imprisoned in some kind of force field just below the dome.

Wintersky: He says that the rest of the tower is unoccupied. There is a woman in the top level and two humanoids imprisioned in a force field just below the dome.

TalksMuch (to Sparta's question): A menagerie of monsters.

Wintersky: Monsters, Sparta, monsters.

Sparta: Ozi, they just have two Saje slaves, yes?

Ozimius: That we know of.

Legeand: This sounds like a big trap or an illusion.

Sparta: Yes, a trap.

Sparta: The Sajenese are imprisoned at the top of the tower.

Wintersky: Spirits would recognise illusions for what they were.

Ozimius: Wintersky, is there any access to the tower? Windows or something?

Sparta: The hag is there to raise the alarm when we come to rescue them.

TalksMuch: I saw no slaves in the lower level that looked like the dark one, Wintersky.

Wintersky: None of the slaves in the lower level looked Sajenese, Ozi, but we should rescue them anyway.

TalksMuch: There are windows on all the levels except the top. There appear to be portals in the alcoves of the top floor.

Ozimius: Yes, but we must find the Sajenese, if I have to rip that house down brick by brick.

Ozimius: Wintersky, can your spirit detect illusion?

Wintersky: There are windows on all levels but the top one. The top level appears to have portals, however.

Wintersky: Yes, TalksMuch would detect an illusion.

TalksMuch: There are many illusions throughout the tower, though there were none on the ground or top floors.

Ozimius: These portals. Are they large enough for me to fly through?

Sparta: They are likely to be protected.

Wintersky: There are many illusions through out the tower, but none on the first or top floor.

TalksMuch: The portals looks like they enter other places or planes.

Sparta: You could fly to your death.

Ozimius: A risk I am willing to take, Sparta.

Wintersky: The portals appear to be to other places or planes.

Ozimius: Can they be shut down? I suspect Elan will enter through them

TalksMuch shrugs.

Wintersky: I do not know.

Mask: They are gates, Ozi. Very powerful, I imagine.

Nyza: Nyza close the winter-rift in Redemption before, but that was very, very hard to do.

Mask: We will need to keep an eye on them while investigating.

Ozimius: Or trap them.

Mask: I could make them unpleasant to exit from.

Wintersky: Find the Path would detect wards and give the passwords to them.

Wintersky: Perhaps potions of resistance are in order?

Mask: They would certainly have passwords. If your spell cannot determine them, maybe the slaves can tell us.

Ozimius: It sounds to me as if we need to get to the slaves first off. For information if nothing else.

Wintersky: Find the Path should give me the passwords.

Legeand: Is it guaranteed to do it 100% of the time, 'Sky?

Wintersky: There are no guarantees in life, Legeand.

Mask: It will if there are no magical wards to thwart it.

Nyza: Yes, or Nyza do it!

Mask looks at Nyza confused.

Legeand: Then we must still be careful.

Sparta: Does your spirit have anymore news for us?

Nyza: Can you ward against the necrotic effects if we do set them off, Ms. Sky?

Wintersky: I have to give up Stoneskin, however.

TalksMuch: I may have more, but I do not know what you might wish to know.

Wintersky: I can probably heal, cure or restore the damage, but I have no specific wards.

Wintersky: Increasing resistance to magic should help.

Wintersky: Bear's Endurance could help.

Wintersky: Let us buy Bear's Endurance potions or wand or something.

Nyza casts Mirror Image into the ring after a lengthy discussion.

Sparta: Miss 'Sky, can your spirit describe the woman in the tower?

TalksMuch: She appears to be a young witch.

Wintersky: She appears to be a young witch.

Sparta: Hmm, that doesn't sound too threatening.

Wintersky: But, she could be a shapechanged devil or demon.

Sparta: Aye, that would be bad.

Mask: Could be.

Wintersky: Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Luanes: Let us dine and the get this over with.

Legeand: Either way, it will be a laugh.

Oliveryn nods.

Sparta: I'll eat to that.

Sparta: Mask, are the Elan more likely to summon demons or devils?

Mask: Devils.

Our heroes have a meal and gear up. Spells to prepare for the mission are cast just before Mask casts her Invisibility Sphere over the group.

Sparta: Remember when we fought the devils in Redemption? We should have silvered weapons then.

Oliveryn casts Alter Self on himself to look like an feeble, old man.

Wintersky casts Bull's Strength on Legeand.

Wintersky casts Bear's Endurance on Legeand.

Wintersky casts Prayer on all.

Oliveryn casts Glibness on himself.

T'Krosh casts Freedom of Movement on himself.

Wintersky casts Warning shared with SnowShadow.

Nyza and T'Krosh use their hats of disguise to appear as halflings.

Sparta: How you doing, Friday?

Wintersky casts Divine Power shared with SnowShadow.

T'Krosh: Feeling ready to kill.

Sparta casts Longstrider shared with Ringo.

Nyza uses the wand of See Invisibility on herself finishing her preparations.

Wintersky casts Cat's Grace shared with SnowShadow.

Sparta mounts Ringo and is ready to go.

Wintersky casts Divine Favor shared with SnowShadow.

Mask casts Mage Armor and Magic Circle against Evil on herself.

Wintersky casts Death Watch.

Wintersky casts Protection from Evil shared with SnowShadow.

Sparta unsheathes Manty's Heirloom.

Sparta: Hey everybody, remember to touch the hilt.

Manitowoc: Now would be the time.

Miqulius touches the hilt.

Nyza and T'Krosh do so.

Ozimius touches the hilt.

Wintersky touch the hilt.

Luanes touches Manty's Heirloom.

Mask touches the dagger.

Legeand brushes the dagger with a touch of his gauntlet.

Wintersky casts Divine Agility shared with SnowShadow.

Wintersky casts Superior Resistance shared with SnowShadow.

Sparta: Is that everybody?

Wintersky casts Find the Path.

Legeand: Oi, my new armor.

Sparta sheathes the blade again.

Wintersky: Think I am ready.

Sparta: Then let's go, the night's a wasting.

Oliveryn also casts Voice of the Dragon on himself.

Mask casts Invisibility Sphere over the group.

Our heroes make their way over to the next estate.

Ozimius' Sajanese followers effectively negate the presence of any guards and our heroes are able to enter Elan Tower without issue.

Sparta: Where'd everybody go?

Wintersky: Shhh, this way.

Wintersky's Find the Path functions and she easily bypasses the traps and wards as they go.

The group can hear revelry within a chamber just beyond the entranceway.

Wintersky: Remember the passwords and locations

The invisibility fades as the hall is entered.

Oliveryn summons his Lute.

The slaves are celebrating their fortunate night without taskmasters and are frightened by the appearance of our heroes.

A slave: Who are you?

Sparta: Friends.

Oliveryn (glibly): We are guests of your masters.

Luanes: We are her to free you.

A slave: Free us?

Ozimius: Celebrate your freedom.

Ozimius: Go, leave and find your own path. You are no longer slaves.

A slave: Really?

Oliveryn: Yes, leave. You are now free.

Wintersky: I am Wintersky. Here to lead you to a life of freedom should you want it.

Luanes (smiling tenderly): I will lead you to safety.

The slaves look at each other surprised and wary.

Ozimius: Go! Now!

Sparta: You are free to go. I will aid any who wish to make their home outside the city.

Oliveryn: Be at peace, my friends. You can go of your own free accord. We will deal with your masters.

Nyza keeps watch at the entrance to the room.

The slaves look frightened but gather their meager belongings and follow Luanes out of the tower.

Legeand: This is not a long term offer; we need to go now or you will be stuck here with them.

Wintersky continues on into the tower.

Mask follows Wintersky.

Sparta is close behind.

Oliveryn follows but hobbles as the old man that he appears to be.

Ozimius follows, Miqulius close at hand.

Legeand: Follows the following followed people.

Mask: Coming, Nyza?

Wintersky (mutters to self): Up front is scarier than I thought.

Nyza: Of course. You are not leaving me alone in this place!

The last slave stops and speaks.

A slave: There are two more of us somewhere in the tower.

Ozimius: Sajenese?

Wintersky: We will find them.

A slave: Dark-skinned like you, yes.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Good. Go now. And you have my thanks.

Sparta: We know where to find them

The slaves file out to safety with Luanes see that they avoid the wards and traps.

Ozimius quickens his pace through the tower.

Our heroes, with the help of Wintersky's Find the Path spell, successfully navigate through the tower to the top floor where the Sajenese slaves are being held.

Sparta thinks to himself, now'd be a good time to be invisible.

They arrive at the top of a long spiral staircase into a small circular chamber with doors north and south.

Mask: This way appears to be to an outside balcony.

Legeand: Then we must go the other way, yes?

Wintersky moves up into the hall.

Nyza waits for T'Krosh move up ahead of her.

Sparta rides Ringo cautiously into the room.

Oliveryn moves forward and lightly starts playing his lute.

T'Krosh walks into the room.

Nyza moves forward into the room.

The sorceress smiles as members of the group enter.

Legeand moves forward looking up towards the top of the dome.

A great opaque sphere floats above the sorceress, the shadow of two humanoids stand within it.

Wintersky nocks Blessed Black after moving forward into the room.

Ozimius moves forward.

The sorceress casts a spell and beams of light radiate in seven directions and them moves away from our heroes.

Miqulius moves quickly into the room.

Mask moves into the hall.

Wintersky: What was that? Anyone know?

Mask casts Shield.

Legeand: Probably a warning.

Sparta and Ringo run to catch up with the sorceress.

Oliveryn moves further into the room.

Sorceress: You are a bold halfling.

Sparta: Aye, some would say that.

T'Krosh moves further forward.

Oliveryn: Oh, thou who graces women. What are you doing here in this tower?

T'Krosh: We are here for the slaves. Do not try to stop us.

T'Krosh readies to counterspell the sorceress.

Sorceress: I live here, old man.

Oliveryn: Why so apart from society?

Ozimius: Not for long, woman.

Sorceress: Feel free to try to free the slaves.

Nyza moves up.

Sparta: My companions can be rude sometimes, what is your name?

The portals are large gold arches with billowing blue flame within.

Sorceress: My name matters not.

Nyza targets a Dispel Magic at the sphere holding the prisoners.

Ozimius: In a few moments, you will no longer have a name.

Ozimius grins.

Sparta: Perhaps not, but how should we call you? Or, is young lady sufficient?

Wintersky: TalksMuch are the slaves within the force field, are they alive?

The sphere appears to resist Nyza's attempt to dispel it.

Legeand runs across the room to flank the sorceress with Sparta and Ringo.

Sorceress shows only the slightest hint of concern as she begins to be surrounded.

Wintersky moves forward.

Wintersky casts Greater Dispel Magic at the sphere.

The sphere vanishes and two slaves fall to the floor twenty feet below.

Sorceress snickers.

Ozimius: Sajenese, get out of here!

One of the slaves does not move after falling twenty feet to the floor.

Ozimius eyes the sorceress evily.

Ozimius runs deep into the room quickly checking on the fallen slaves.

Sparta: Attack of Opportunity?

Sparta: 2

Legeand and Sparta eviserate the sorceress before she moves two steps closer to the portal.

Nyza: See, Nyza would have been more concerned about being surrounded.

Sparta: Well, shall we get out of here now or wait for whatever she summoned?

Oliveryn: That was oddly easy.

Ozimius: Legeand, destroy the gates!

T'Krosh: Looks like the wait is over.

Oliveryn: She summoned something?

Methylhexer casts Fireball engulfing Ozimius, Oliveryn, T'Krosh and Nyza.

Methylhexa casts a ray at Sparta, but misses.

Legeand: Nyza, Dimensional Anchor around those portals!

Miqulius runs to get into position to aid Ozimius.

A sorceress casts Magic Missile at Wintersky.

A sorceress casts Scorching Ray and Miqulius and torches him.

T'Krosh: Grr, triage. The slave will have to wait for healing.

Manitowoc: Miqulius is gravely injured.

Sparta: Legeand, we need to get that one behind us.

Legeand: Sparta, go after another; I will crush him myself.

Sparta: We're stronger together.

Methylpenta casts a sphere of death covering the main section of the room, dropping her own children, Miquilius and Ringo, who all lie motionless.

Sparta: Ringo!

Ozimius growls.

Legeand grins maniacally at Sparta, "If you really want, but after I am done there will not be much left."

T'Krosh: Wintersky, can you save that one's life as you did Oli before?

Methylpenta: How dare you enter my tower!

Sparta: You killed my dog!

A sorceress casts a spell at Legeand.

Sorceress: I think you should drop that shiny sword, armored one.

T'Krosh: Great, Legeand was charmed.

Legeand: Drop...my sword?

A magic missle hits Ozimius

Ozimius laughs.

Ozimius: Better have more than that. I do.

Another magic missile hits Ozimius.

Ozimius snorts, obviously not impressed

Another magic missile hits Ozimius.

Ozimius chuckles.

Another magic missile hits Ozimius.

Mask moves into the room.

Ozimius: Sparta destroy the portals!

Sparta: All in due course, Ozi.

Sparta: There's two between me and the nearest portal

Ozimius (to Methylpenta): Is Elan the house sorcerers or harlots? Stop tickling me, woman!

Mask casts Fireball engulfing Methylpenta and the sorceress next to her.

Methylpenta collapses in a heap next to her torched apprentice.

Sparta: Aaaarg!

A sorceress casts Scorching Ray at Sparta and misses.

Sparta charges the caster of the ray that almost hit him.

Sparta's target is severed in two.

Oliveryn turns to the sorceresses and yells out.

Wintersky: You have to pull him closer if I am to save him.

Oliveryn: We have killed your leader. Surrender now or I tell you now, your death with be the worse pain of your life.

T'Krosh walks to Miqulius and drags him closer to Wintersky.

T'Krosh: Medic!

Nyza moves to T'Krosh and helps drag the body close enough for Wintersky to help Miqulius.

Nyza: He not have long.

The spell breaks from Legeand as its caster smolders.

Legeand looking to an Elanist, Legeand grins before laughing maniacally and entering a rage, "All you have is this? All you have to slow us are these spell flingings!? I hope you can run as well as you can cast magic mage. You are NEXT!" He charges the sorcerer and cut him down.

A sorceress casts a spell at Sparta.

Sparta: Hello, come to die?

Sparta shakes off the spell.

Wintersky rushes over to Miqulius.

Wintersky casts Revivify.

SnowShadow pounces a sorceress and mauls her.

Ozimius stares at the closest sorceress.

The sorceress stands suddenly petrified.

Ozimius grins.

Another sorceress fires a black ray at Ozimius, but misses.

Ozimius: You are next!

A sorceress casts Ray of Enfeeblment on SnowShadow, weakening her.

Miqulius stirs.

Ozimius: Miqulius get under cover.

A frightened sorceress runs into a portal and disappears.

Another sorceress runs into a portal and disappears.

A sorceress magic missiles Ozimius and then runs into the portal and disappears.

Mask casts Magic Missile at a sorceress across the room, killing her.

Sparta step up to a sorceress and kills her before she can retreat through the portal.

Sparta: Grandpa, can I destroy these portals with my sword?

Manitowoc: Maybe. You will not be able to tell until you try.

Oliveryn continues to sing and moves.

T'Krosh casts Cure Critical Wounds on Miqulius.

T'Krosh: Welcome back to the land of the living.

Miqulius grins.

Miqulius: My thanks!

Nyza starts chanting a spell. A faint reddish glow begins to emerge from her robe.

Legeand: Was this it. Was it all they had to fight us? This is pathetic!

Legeand moves up to a portal and swings at it, taking a chip out of it.

Sparta: Miss 'Sky, Can you aid Ringo?

Sparta: That bitch murdered him.

SnowShadow pounces the last sorceress and rends her to pieces.

All the sorcerers have been slain or driven off.

Legeand: Switches his sword to adamantine and takes a chop.

Wintersky: Sparta, I can raise him tomorrow, but I can not revivify him. He has been gone to long.

Five small fire elementals appear and begin burning.

Nyza: Burn anyone who comes out of the portals. Then destroy the portals! Then burn the tower! To the ground!

Miqulius takes the head from Methy's body, spraying blood around the alcove as she was still alive.

Legeand destroys the portal near him.

Ozimius grins.

Ozimius: Good, very good.

Sparta chips away at his portal.

Legeand: Gah...no where near as satisfying!

Wintersky: Sparta I just realized that Ringo was killed by a death spell and raise dead will not work. Resurrection is the only way and I can not do that yet.

Ozimius destroys a portal.

Nyza: Nyza is sorry, Sparta...He is a good dog.

Sparta leaves the portals to Legeand and the elementals and returns to Ringo's side.

Wintersky: I am so sorry, Sparta.

Sparta: Oli, is there another priest in this damned city that can raise Ringo?

In short order all the portals are destroyed.

The slaves that fell from the sphere lie on the ground in the middle of the chamber. One is weeping.

Oliveryn: There should be a priest that can.

Ozimius walks over to the fallen slaves.

Ozimius: Wintersky can you raise him?

Legeand returns to the center of the chamber, still a bit worked up.

Nyza summons more elementals.

Sparta: No, Ozi, she says he is beyond her powers to bring back.

Ozimius picks up the slave and shoulders him.

A venerable Sajenese man weeps over his dead friend.

Ozimius: I will find someone who can bring him back. There must be someone.

Miqulius takes the old Sajenese and leads him away.

Sajenese slave: Do not worry, he had a long life.

Ozimius: I will do what I can to bring him back. You have my word. No one should die a slave.

Sparta: Miss 'Sky, can you at least revive the Sajenese tomorrow? He died of his fall, not from magic.

Legeand: If he wills to be back. Maybe he embraces death. He might not wish too.

Sparta: Perhaps, but that is his choice, not ours to make.

Nyza summons yet more fire elementals.

Mask: We really should not tarry. Bad things happen when an Elan matriarch dies.

Ozimius: Good!

Ozimius: More will die if this man can not be raised!

Mask: At least one of the granddaughters got away.

Oliveryn tries to figure out who will suceed House Elan.

Wintersky examines the dead slave.

Sparta: Nyza's friends will destroy this tower.

Nyza: Nyza is excitedly commanding her fire elementals in Ignan. A little too fervently.

Sparta: Ozi and I will destroy what is left of House Elan.

Ozimius: Let us get them out of this place.

Ozimius grins at Sparta.

Ozimius: We will at that.

Wintersky examine the body and determines that the fall did not kill him. The circle of death slew him.

Wintersky: This man needs resurrection also.

Ozimius: We are done here for now then. Sparta and I can kill the rest soon enough.

Legeand: Then you have a busy day with the dead tomorrow if we cannot find another healer.

Wintersky looks for Ringo's spirit.

Sparta lifts Ringo to his shoulders and makes his way to the stairs.

Ozimius carries the old man on his shoulders.

There does not seem to be any sign of Ringo's spirit, as if it was utterly destroyed.

Miqulius leads the slave away, bringing Methy's head.

Wintersky: Sadly, Wintersky looks for any treasure.

Oliveryn looks around, sad also.

Oliveryn: I wish it could have gone better.

Mask riffles the bodies of the fallen Elanites, stuffing items into her bag of holding.

Legeand: It could have gone worse.

T'Krosh: Mask has the right idea. Let us collect the spoils and get out of here before reinforcements come.

Mask: Let us leave, quickly. I have a very bad feeling something is about to happen.

T'Krosh: And, before the tower burns down.

Legeand: Few died, many freed and the tower is no more. I am sure they know who did it and they know who not to mess with anymore.

The tower begins to quake.

Wintersky makes haste to leave.

T'Krosh pokes Nyza for her attention, but she is really too distracted to respond.

T'Krosh: Mask, is there some ward that would prevent teleporting out of here?

Mask: I am about to find out. Which three of you wish to join me?

Oliveryn leaves as well.

Legeand: I will come.

T'Krosh: I think I will go with you as well.

Mask grabs Oliveryn, Wintersky and SnowShadow and teleports.

Legeand: It is your turn lizzards.

Mask and her passengers appear in the sitting room of Chicdell manor.

Nyza: Unsatisfied that she cannot summon anything else, Nyza begins throwing fire rays at the walls while the elementals work.

Our heroes make it out of the tower just as it begins to lean. It falls with a violent implosion consuming it, leaving a rubble strewn estate behind.

Legeand: Well, that was interesting to say the least.